Overall, I enjoyed English 114 B. At times, I had a difficult time in the class and actually found it difficult to accomplish some of the assignments. There were times that I did not like the class because I felt like it added more stress to my life. I really considered taking a year off of school because of so much that had happened to me in the past year. Life was getting really difficult for me to handle and school with mountains of work I had to do all the time did not help, not even to take my mind off all the negative things happening in my life. This semester was definitely one of the most stressed out and difficult semesters I've encountered in my academic career. It must have in order for me to want to take a break. However, English 114 B sometimes helped with that when I had no homework. I did enjoy our discussions and our ability to be so comfortable in a class, which will be missed. 
For my preface, I do not know what I want to do and considering I volunteered to go early and present tuesday, I'm kind of stressing out. But maybe, a discussion or a short lecture shall suffice. Again, I really have no idea and nothing planned. 
As far as my project assignment, I'm kind of having a hard time with that because I can't really treat it like a personal blog. I have to present myself in a different manner than I would with my own blog. That's difficult for me, because not only is being myself and expressing myself already intimidating because of the outside world, but pretending to be something else doesn't make that easier as well. I know this post sounds personal and not very scholarly but I guess I'm finally posting as myself and not just an English 114 B student. 
Have a great summer everyone. 
xoxo- Jasmin. 
For Projet WEB, my partner Israel and I have decided to focus on the addiction of online shopping. We will be using Tumblr to create our blog for this project. We chose Tumblr because I'm familiar with Tumblr, so it'd be easier to maneuver and set up. Also, comparing Weebly and Tumblr I do prefer Tumblr because I feel like my partner and I could do more with Tumblr than we could with weebly or other blog sites. Israel and I chose the medium of addiction to online shopping because lately I have seen how easy it is to get attached to online shopping. We also figured that there is so much to discuss with the topic of online shopping. It's the most effective choice because it's so common lately and my partner and I will be able to provide problems and solutions to online shopping addicts. 
I still haven't been able to really understand this project 100% but I'm sure come Tuesday, I'll be fully prepared to present the proposal and show the rest of my classmates how effective this topic is. Can't wait to see what everyone else has in store! See you Tuesday!

I can't believe only three weeks left of our first year in college!!!

For this reading, although it was short and we should have read it a few times, I really got a lot from it on the first reading. So hopefully some of you guys saw what I saw too.

From what I got from the reading the professor posted, I think that the argument is that science fiction has given its readers and listeners a wrong idea of the future and that our futures aren't visible, we only have aspirations to what we wish for our futures. What the writer (I think)tries to say about science fiction is that the future is so unclear and not guaranteed in ways we hope they are. The future consists of what we hope it hold for us. So many plan their future out but no one is ever truly prepared for the future and the future does not wait for you because your plans haven't happened yet. To be honest, I don't really know how it relates to the surrogates besides maybe about the future. Surrogates were the future and were made for the future. Like, surrogates tried to beat the future. (I don't think that makes sense, but maybe someone understands). Really hoping someone can relate to what I thought! 
My thesis is "Although frozen food has a bad reputation there is an exception to the cold treats, frozen fruit is somewhat better than the 'fresh' fruit we have in most grocery stores." I know it's a little rocky but a little bit more help from the thesis handout available here on weebly, I know I'll get my thesis down. :)
Counterarguments I will be addressing will be that the healthy frozen meals aren't as healthy as they have supposedly been "proven" to be. Also, by proving how frozen fruit is actually better than the options stores have, that will counter-argue what consumers have been raised to believe in. In proving my thesis, I will provide one or few of my sources I researched and used on my bibliography assignment. As of right now, it sounds like an argument paper, but reviewing "They Say, I say" will help me out a whole bunch when I'm finalizing my project text essay. I think I might need to find a couple more sources bashing frozen "healthy" food and really compare "fresh" market fruit and frozen fruit. 
In recent discussions of Sarah Palin's cookie party in Bucks County, PA, a controversial issue has been whether sugar snacks like cookies are acceptable in the classroom. On the one hand, some argue that sweets like cookies are okay in the classroom because it is a simple reward, a sweet treat for the students. On the other hand, however, others argue that Obama is the reason as to why Sarah Palin had reason to bring in cookies which metaphorically translates to the happiness that Obama is taking away in the "nanny states". In the words of Sarah Palin, she believes that Obama is "snatching cookies- i.e, the pursuit of happiness-from the mouths of babes." According to this view, Obama is taking away everything from everyone, the sweets and the sweetness of people's life. In sum, then, the issue is whether Sarah Palin's cookie treat or Obama's thoughts against it is too harsh or reasonable. My own view is that cookies are okay in the classroom, they do serve as a small treat for every once in a while. Though I concede that Obama has reason to shy away from sweets in the class because sweets as treats can become habit and no longer something to want to be rewarded with. Although some might object that Obama is wrong, I would reply that there is reason to fear obesity in a world where it has become so common. 
Sorry my post is late everyone (Not that many must have noticed) but wifi trouble.

However, the movie! I found it incredibly interesting. Seeing it all is more powerful than reading it. Reading about it I feel like "Oh wow, that's bad" with empathy. But, watching the movie, I felt terrible and in shock; as if I saw a ghost from a scary story. After reading and watching Food Inc. it has helped narrow my topic drastically. I really find it interesting how fruit that isn't is season is always in season at whatever store you shop it. Also, how fruit that isn't ready (ripe) is picked too early and shipped over to our stores. All of the produce interests me a ton and is something I personally would like to learn about which should make my paper come together easier. 
As far as my vegetarian update; I've failed twice. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I can find some better alternatives. So far it's looking like I'm only a vegetarian when I'm not eating and when I'm sleeping. 
See you all in class this Tuesday! 
As far as a topic goes for this upcoming project, I'm not quite sure where I want to take my paper or what I want to prove. There are so many options for this topic that I still am not quite sure which one I'll be most interested in and be able to write about without hesitation or doubt. Visiting the library did help out though with getting started. Brainstorming and just writing whatever really, can be a big help. So I'll do that, get a sheet of paper and just write all the different types of topics and directions I can take my paper and then go from there to figure out my final focus. 
As far as what aspects of food interest me, I have to say all of it does. I've always enjoyed food and different food, so aside from the way we're supposed to be looking at this project, the culinary aspect of food is very intriguing to me. However, I am interested in produce. Considering how much I love fruit and vegetables that would be something I'd personally want to strive for to learn more. And to research that, I would have to look for supermarket news and trace the produce and it's journey to California grocery stores. 
Maybe I just found my topic? :)
See you all Tuesday! 
My thesis is still under construction and is well on its way to becoming an "A" thesis. The ideas I will be exploring has changed a little and though it seems too late, I've decided to just focus on Victoria's Secret rather than comparing two stores. And I've really become most interested in the equality of the lingerie fitting rooms. In my interview I mentioned a man who likes to cross dress and how he would be treated, and that he'd be treated and assisted like any other customer. It's the most ideal thing to hear, but I'm choose not to be naive to the thought and reality that there are going to be strange looks at a man who enters a fitting room with lingerie. 
I discovered that my answers and experiences where different than another classmate. So, I look forward to comparing the different experiences and making that a part of my essay as well. I'm really starting to feel that my paper is well on its way.  
After sharing articles in our groups I received some really good feedback from my other members. I was assured that the questions I have and discussion points for my paper are valid and require an answer. I really feel that the direction I want to take  my paper is clear to everyone making it easier for my research to follow. What I will be writing in my essay that will be interesting to other scholars is that I wasn't shy or nervous to touch a more discrete topic. Although lingerie stores are public the reason for wearing the lingerie is still something that seems to be too loud of a topic. that people are quite ready to listen to. To some, the idea of lingerie is just too risqué to even talk about. So I hope that paper also shows courage besides answers to questions that have yet to be asked.  
That also happens to be one of the things I'm nervous about as well, when it comes down to asking questions and not getting answers at all. So if answers don't come, I'll be sure to analyze their body language to see if it's just a "because I said so" kind of rule.
I really can't believe that this paper has almost written itself which is really cool because then minor things have to be added to the paper. 
My space I have chosen is Lingerie fitting rooms. This space is interesting to me because it really upsets me when I go to a fitting room and can't bring my mom or sister in the room with me. So, I wanted to go deeper into this question I had as to why this wasn't okay. Speaking to my mom about this question, I found myself having a lot more arguments than I thought, which should help me get down to an answer and hopefully not a "because I said so".
I will analyze this critically by noting how many men enter the store, how close they get to the fitting rooms, and if marital status affects whether or not it's acceptable for a couple to share a fitting room. With that, I will go to the store with my parents and my boyfriend to see how my parents are treated and how I am treated. (Hoping my dad doesn't flipping the F*** out!). 
Maybe answers will be different depending on the store and their reputations. Victoria's Secret is known for being more sophisticated and classy rather than Frederick's of Hollywood where their attire is much more risqué than Victoria's Secret. For example, Frederick's sells edible underwear where Victoria's Secret doesn't provide such exotic attire. So I hope I do find different answers to provide and present.