I can't believe we have such a short time left for our first semester of college. With these last four weeks, my goal is to get an A on an essay. With the A, I know I will have fully answered the prompt and did well on that essay. Through peer editing and the progressions I have seen improvement in each assignment. I saw improvement after my revision of my progression 1 essay. So, I do know it is very possible for me to get an A. Even though there has been slight improvement in my writing, that would still be what needs the most improvement as well. In my writing I answer the prompt very literally and don't go deep into my writing which causes the reader to not be too involved in the essay. I've always been afraid to go too deep in my writing in fear that I would stray too far from my point. Now that I've gone to the LRC, I've learned just how much I need to do to grab the reader and have them stick to my essay. There is no perfect essay, but I definitely hope to get as close as I can to it! 

11/04/2012 11:41am

I know neither can I it seems like we just started but yet we are almost done. Well good luck on reaching your goal. I have the same issue, like for the 1st progression I didn't add enough details but then I added more and I strayed to far form the topic. Which kind of discouraged me. I like going to the the LRC, the girl that helped me with my last essay gave me some good tips on writing. Which helped me on my last essay. Good luck on your essay.

Tatyana Vallejo
11/04/2012 2:36pm

Hi Lovely Jasmin,

I think that you working on the way you go about the prompt will really help you. You say you want to learn to write with more of the underneath information rather than the obvious. It may seem difficult, but all you have to do is practice trying to be patient and letting thoughts develop. The way some ideas seem to come out for me, happens when I just brainstorming, writing out random ideas and thoughts about the article(s). I sit in my room, by myself, and ponder over ideas that closely relate to that of the article. It helps me. So may be you can give that tip a try. Also, with you getting an A on the next essay that is due, believe in yourself because I am positive you will reach that goal. You write really well, always giving your readers the direct understanding. A little tweaking of some of the sentences to help you loose the awkward workings, and you will have a grade A paper for sure. I hope that you do get the A; you deserve it because you are a very hard worker. Lets have a great end to the semester :)!

Sydney Jones
11/06/2012 5:14pm


I give you props for being so determined to strive through the future assignments. But I know what you mean when your too afraid to go into detail. I hesitate because I'm afraid that I'm going to stray off and not even get my point across. But, practice makes perfect right? Anyway good luck, This next progression should be very interesting!


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