Overall, I enjoyed English 114 B. At times, I had a difficult time in the class and actually found it difficult to accomplish some of the assignments. There were times that I did not like the class because I felt like it added more stress to my life. I really considered taking a year off of school because of so much that had happened to me in the past year. Life was getting really difficult for me to handle and school with mountains of work I had to do all the time did not help, not even to take my mind off all the negative things happening in my life. This semester was definitely one of the most stressed out and difficult semesters I've encountered in my academic career. It must have in order for me to want to take a break. However, English 114 B sometimes helped with that when I had no homework. I did enjoy our discussions and our ability to be so comfortable in a class, which will be missed. 
For my preface, I do not know what I want to do and considering I volunteered to go early and present tuesday, I'm kind of stressing out. But maybe, a discussion or a short lecture shall suffice. Again, I really have no idea and nothing planned. 
As far as my project assignment, I'm kind of having a hard time with that because I can't really treat it like a personal blog. I have to present myself in a different manner than I would with my own blog. That's difficult for me, because not only is being myself and expressing myself already intimidating because of the outside world, but pretending to be something else doesn't make that easier as well. I know this post sounds personal and not very scholarly but I guess I'm finally posting as myself and not just an English 114 B student. 
Have a great summer everyone. 
xoxo- Jasmin. 

Tatyana Vallejo
05/07/2013 11:55am

Ahhh Jasmine! I am going to miss having you in a class! I have enjoied the discussions that we had in this English class... The times where the class seemed to be going very slow in the disscussions, like when professor would have to continuously dive into a deeper question because the class was not respoding, I knew I could count on you to make a comment! Your comments were always on point with what I was thinking; so, there were times where we both had our hands up and the prof would call on you to answer... I'd think to myself," What the?! She just explained what I was going to say!" I did not mind that at all; if anything, I talked to much anyways. Outside of class, I really had nice talks about how you and your boo spent the weekend, and how to be a better shopper will the convos that I am really going to miss having with you. Also, knowing that you like to drop by Burbank is a good thing because that means that hopefully we would hang out even after this class is done! Honestly, I hope that this summer I don't lose touch with anyone who I made friends with in this class.
DON"T STRESS OUT FOR THIS PREFACE PRESENTATION GIRL! You always prove to have great presentations, so no worries. I will be there presenting too. But, I understand what you are feeling with the project assigned for tumblr. I think the best way to go about this project would be to simply treat it as though you are making it a weebly blog post for the other projects. That is what hepled me; because I was looking at the computer screen for hours and then it occured to me that maybe that would get the ball rolling.

I loved having this class with you 114A and 114B with you; I am defintely going to miss you so much next semester. I hope were in another class together and that you keep in touch, Just let me know whenever you're out in the valley this summer so that we can catch up on life :).
Have fun with the family and your man this summer!

Deanna Nazlikian
05/07/2013 3:52pm

Hey love! You are such a hard working person, and I know you will get through the rest of this semester with flying colors! I do not blame you for wanting to take a year off, I too have to deal with a bunch of stress because of my classes. Don't worry though, it will all be over in a week! Summer is super close, and you will be able to chill out for a while. Don't be so worried about your project, I know it will turn out great. You do a great job expressing ideas, and the media aspect makes it even more interesting! Don't worry about sounding like yourself, that's how it should be! It's the end of 114, so all of us are expressing who we are. I hope you have an amazing summer, and I hope you ace all those finals and projects! See you thursday! :)

05/07/2013 4:21pm

I know what you mean. I had a really rough time in the beginning of the semester too. I'm not sure what it was about this semester but I found it so incredibly difficult to concentrate! I was telling Regeene today that it is just starting to hit me that the school year is over! This class is over! Our freshman year of college is over! It didn't hit me till today! I really am going to miss everybody. You are so sweet and funny too. I'm gonna miss you next year. Good luck with your finals! :)


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