As far as a topic goes for this upcoming project, I'm not quite sure where I want to take my paper or what I want to prove. There are so many options for this topic that I still am not quite sure which one I'll be most interested in and be able to write about without hesitation or doubt. Visiting the library did help out though with getting started. Brainstorming and just writing whatever really, can be a big help. So I'll do that, get a sheet of paper and just write all the different types of topics and directions I can take my paper and then go from there to figure out my final focus. 
As far as what aspects of food interest me, I have to say all of it does. I've always enjoyed food and different food, so aside from the way we're supposed to be looking at this project, the culinary aspect of food is very intriguing to me. However, I am interested in produce. Considering how much I love fruit and vegetables that would be something I'd personally want to strive for to learn more. And to research that, I would have to look for supermarket news and trace the produce and it's journey to California grocery stores. 
Maybe I just found my topic? :)
See you all Tuesday! 
Tatyana Vallejo
3/4/2013 05:03:10 am

Hi Love! First off, I am so happy to be in the same group as you for this next group project! Last time we worked together for the PeTA project, I had so much fun! Working together on the Rice chapter will hopefully be just as great!!:) Moreover, the fact that you do not really know what you are planing to write about is what I am going through as well. I find there to be so many potential topics that I find interesting that I do not know which to pick. I know that with the more we talk in class and the more research and brainstorming we conduct we will definitely be ready soon. This chapter about food will make me super hungry though, every time we have discussion in class. I like how you are thinking of may be going through with researching about produce though. That will be an interesting topic, especially with how people seem to be going to local markets now looking for local produce and/or organic produce to consume. I hope that with all these different topics we find the one that suits us fast! I cannot wait to get this project started. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week! See you in class Tuesday! <3

Jaelynn Gutierrez
3/4/2013 03:06:30 pm

Hey, Omg I agree with you I am not sure where exactly I should start with this whole Project Text, but I know it will be interesting because it has to do with food ! haha Yeah that trip to the computer lab in the library helped a lot. I found so many places I can look at for articles about all different types of subjects not only for this class but for all my other ones, which I think is great! Learning more about what we put into our bodies is going to be very informative and a good thing to know for our daily lives. Well good luck with everything. See you in class tomorrow! Bye (:

Deanna Nazlikian
3/5/2013 08:02:09 am

Hey! You're right, there are so many different things to focus on with this new project! You're not alone with that, I still am not so sure about what I want to focus on. When we went to the library it really did help, not only did we see a lot of options to choose from, but also how we can use those databases! I think you did find something you can write about! That sounds really interesting, and I am positive you will find some interesting information while researching! Can't wait for our group project as well, the four of us are going to do great! See you thursday!


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