This progression is going to be very intriguing! The discussions we have had so far based on gender have been very interesting. I see gender to be how a person presents themselves not whether they are a female or male. In class this week, I don't believe that statement was challenged. The men that spoke in class this week were open minded and honest. I believe that there is no unmarked woman. Each woman has something to them that sets them apart from the others based off their appearance and how they carry themselves. My "marks" could be how I dress, I'm very casual and comfortable. Make up, I don't wear anything but mascara and chapstick, which is seen to be lazy by others. As well as me wearing my hair natural every day, it can be seen as lazy that I don't put in extra time for myself. A woman will always be marked, we have the subconscious obligation to prove something.  I believe that the only reason men are "unmarked" and have the option of being "unmarked" is because men have never had to prove anything but being the provider, and as long as they were doing so, that is the image they had to maintain. I went to a birthday party where both genders were present, and noticed that the boys were all dressed alike and the girls were dressed alike as well, (it was very cold so everyone was bundled up). Who stood out to me was a boy with a blonde patch of hair and was the only one not wearing a jacket. He was just louder than everyone else, making it obvious to look at him. A girl that stood out to me was one that sat alone. She was invited to partake in activities but said no. She purposely excluded herself which struck me to be odd considering she even attended the birthday party. The difference is that usually it'd be the other way around, or what we expect from the genders. The only difference was that the roles were switched. The women in the room seemed loud and wanted to be heard and the men (there was few) had no choice but to join in with the women to converse. I think it is controllable, but it can be difficult.  We have grown up to look at people and it's developed to assuming what kind of person they are. I think it's unfair based on how far you take it, how rude one gets based on their thoughts. I can think something, not say anything about it, and just swallow my thoughts and continue with my day. Can everyone else, and if not, why? 

Jaelynn Gutierrez
11/13/2012 11:46am

Omg, I totally agree! This Progression seems so interesting. I love the topic, gender, because it's such a talkative subject with people. In my opinion I also agree that all women are unmarked in a way but I also think that even men too. No matter what someone does, they are marked. But I do believe that men do have the advantage of portraying themselves as unmarked. I can't wait to see what this Progression has in store ! See you in class (:

Tatyana Vallejo
11/13/2012 3:58pm

There are various reasons why a girl cannot keep herself from being marked with the way she acts because more than often, women are looking for the attention from the opposite sex. I know plenty of girls who are always dressing up with revealing styles, in order to show that they are worthy of a man's attention. It is not something I agree with. A female has more to offer than her looks; however, if she dresses that way, sometimes there are those girls who really just like that style. And that is what marks them out to be something they are not trying to be. I think that when I choose to dress up in something "sexy", I am doing it out of personal preference. I am not doing it to make a guy come to me and ask me out. I refuse to be the type of girl who dresses like that to just let a guy into her "pants". Women need to be respected more even if they dress like that. Unfortunately, men do not exactly run into that problem, until it comes down to being shirtless. A guy who isn't wearing a shirt is looking for the attention don't you think? He wants the eyes on him and not on the other guys he's around. Sometimes you may even catch the guy being the loud, obnoxious person in the room because he is trying to impress the girls around him. I think any man who gets to that level to impress females should rethink their strategies and work on getting better with just being normal.
I hope with this progression we can get deeper into discussion with such interesting ideas!

Esraa Fadhel
11/13/2012 6:18pm

I also think that this progression is intersting and that there are so many thing to talk or argue about on the our topicts for the essays. i think that women are also unmarked sometimes but man as well. so hope we will have enough time to make our essay more powerfull as the topic"Gender" is.


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