My thesis is "Although frozen food has a bad reputation there is an exception to the cold treats, frozen fruit is somewhat better than the 'fresh' fruit we have in most grocery stores." I know it's a little rocky but a little bit more help from the thesis handout available here on weebly, I know I'll get my thesis down. :)
Counterarguments I will be addressing will be that the healthy frozen meals aren't as healthy as they have supposedly been "proven" to be. Also, by proving how frozen fruit is actually better than the options stores have, that will counter-argue what consumers have been raised to believe in. In proving my thesis, I will provide one or few of my sources I researched and used on my bibliography assignment. As of right now, it sounds like an argument paper, but reviewing "They Say, I say" will help me out a whole bunch when I'm finalizing my project text essay. I think I might need to find a couple more sources bashing frozen "healthy" food and really compare "fresh" market fruit and frozen fruit. 
4/2/2013 04:49:20 am

Hi Jasmin!! That is an interesting take on the idea that frozen fruits are better than the fresh ones. I never would have thought that because many of us have been raised with the idea that fresh is always best. In that fresh fruits are going to contain more vitamins and minerals than when they have been frozen. However, I can see where that may be a flawed thought due to the possibility that fresh picked fruit getting immediately frozen containing the required nutrients even when it thaws. Your thesis seems to be going in the right direction; just make sure to change that comma to a semicolon because it seemed to have been a long sentence before I realized you wanted to make the fruit being a healthy choice a separate idea. Add some more detail as to what aspects of the frozen foods you are going to be targeting within the essay. Like, for instance, are you going to be discussing the health benefits and the reasons for why fruits should be consumed frozen? Or are you going to be discussing how the fruits are being processed like so because it is more cheap or expensive for producer/consumers. The more you read the “they say/I say” packet the more you will find writing this paper as a conversation more simple. I would love to find out more regarding the benefits to frozen fruits though; can’t wait to read the finished product! You are going to write an amazing essay, I know :). See you in class love!

4/2/2013 09:48:01 am

Hi Jasmin! I like what you have come up with for your thesis so far! It informs the reader of both sides of the argument as well as what side you stand on! I would really love to read your paper, it is such an interesting subject. I honestly would assume the opposite about fruits, so knowing that frozen fruit is better is going to make me make some changes the next time I go grocery shopping. It is something that everyone should learn about so I cannot wait to see what interesting information you find!


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