I can't believe I am half done with my first semester of COLLEGE. It's incredible, and kind of intimidating because time is going by so fast. I'm enjoying my first semester so far, and continuing to try and make some new friends. I love my campus and most of the people I've met on campus. It really is like a little town, and everything is still so amazing to me. For my classes, I enjoy them, but Math 140 is kind of kicking my butt. I'm really taking advantage of our incredible resources on campus, but I am just not getting stats. and it's bothering me, because Math is MY subject. I am going to try and meet with my professors soon though, I think that's really important. Professors don't reach out like teachers in high school did, so that's my responsibility now. 
I really enjoy this English class actually. English was never my favorite subject until now, to be honest. I find it more interesting and I think our Professor is pretty badass when it comes to us really being interested in the class. I love how it is a smaller class and we all really do have a chance to speak during class. I really don't have any suggestions, I think she's doing a great job.
My main goal is definitely meeting with my professors more, I think it's important they know me and notice I'm in the class and that I care about my class. As well as going to the SRC more and really getting out. Lately, I just go to school, and do homework until I fall asleep, so I'd like to give myself the chance to meet new people and enjoy my campus m
Deanna Nazlikian
10/22/2012 10:51:02 am

That's amazing that you are great at math! Math is not my best subject so I applaud you for that! Don't worry about your stats class, as soon as you meet up with your professor things will get better! I agree about our English class and how much fun it is. I really like that its small too, so we actually get to hear what each of our classmates say! I really want to meet more new people too, and trust me you will have time for that soon! Get all the important things out of the way, then everything else will work out. That's what I have been telling myself these past few weeks! It's been really fun working in a group with you and Taty! I cannot wait for our presentation tomorrow, I am sure we will do great!

Esraa Fadhel
11/3/2012 06:30:18 am

That's great that you are good at math. Math is always my favorite subject, and i have no problem with it. you don't have to worry about your other class, as long as you meet up with your professor, then you will be fine because professors always tell you the right things that you need to do or things that you are week in that you might improve them. i also cant wait for the next progression to start. so good luck in everything.


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