For Projet WEB, my partner Israel and I have decided to focus on the addiction of online shopping. We will be using Tumblr to create our blog for this project. We chose Tumblr because I'm familiar with Tumblr, so it'd be easier to maneuver and set up. Also, comparing Weebly and Tumblr I do prefer Tumblr because I feel like my partner and I could do more with Tumblr than we could with weebly or other blog sites. Israel and I chose the medium of addiction to online shopping because lately I have seen how easy it is to get attached to online shopping. We also figured that there is so much to discuss with the topic of online shopping. It's the most effective choice because it's so common lately and my partner and I will be able to provide problems and solutions to online shopping addicts. 
I still haven't been able to really understand this project 100% but I'm sure come Tuesday, I'll be fully prepared to present the proposal and show the rest of my classmates how effective this topic is. Can't wait to see what everyone else has in store! See you Tuesday!

Tatyana Vallejo
4/29/2013 04:14:48

Hello Beautiful! I can not wait to see you to hear what you did in Hawaii! I am sure that you miss being in that tropic paradise now that your back on the mainland... But class was not what it usually is like with you gone. While you weren't in class, your presence always makes class discussions more interesting and the points you make are always on point with mine!
But back to the post on this project Web assignment, I like how you are going to be researching about your favorite hobby, shopping. Deanna and I were actually going to research about online shopping too, but we ended up changing our choice last minute. Tumblr will make a perfect choice for your online blog. Where else will you find amazing clothing pics and collages? Rebloging the pictures will help a lot with this project too. With coming up with simple solutions to how and control shopping methods with addicts is a great point to cover on this project as well. Not only is tumblr better for the pictures you choose, but it is a lot more fun to use as well. Customizing pages and making blog posts for people to read and engage into the blog is based on the graphics that tumblr features and others do not. I am sure you and Israel will do a great job on this final class project. I am looking forward to viewing the page! :) Have a great week love, see you Tuesday.

4/29/2013 11:09:51

Hey Jasmin,

I hope your trip to Hawaii went well. I'm really looking forward to talking about my project to my peers. For project Web Erick and I are going to talk about cyber terrorism. It's a topic that's rising farely quickly. And is something that intrigues us and will actually make us want to look for more information on the matter. As for our source to display our topic, Erick and I will most likely also be using Tumblr. I've never used Tumblr before but when i saw examples of some Tumblr sights, it looks like you can be pretty creative so hopefully everything goes smoothly. And coming Tuesday I'm sure you'll get caught up pretty quickly. See you tomorrow.

Jaelynn Gutierrez
4/30/2013 09:15:24

Hey, I am excited to see you and your partners project. Online shopping and it's ability to become addictive sounds very interesting. I a also going to sue Tumblr, because eI have one and it's more familiar. I also chose it because I feel it will be more interesting a fun to present. I too do not completely understand how to do this project but i feel the more we work on it, the more we will understand. Well I wish you luck on you project and can't wait to see it (: Bye !! <3

4/30/2013 11:38:39

oh my goodness, online shopping is amazing! and so is window online shopping haha. Tumblr is perfect for your topic. We are also going to use tumblr it just feels like its the best site, it is definitely more fun. The whole reblogging thing is really cool too. Good luck on your blog :)


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