After sharing articles in our groups I received some really good feedback from my other members. I was assured that the questions I have and discussion points for my paper are valid and require an answer. I really feel that the direction I want to take  my paper is clear to everyone making it easier for my research to follow. What I will be writing in my essay that will be interesting to other scholars is that I wasn't shy or nervous to touch a more discrete topic. Although lingerie stores are public the reason for wearing the lingerie is still something that seems to be too loud of a topic. that people are quite ready to listen to. To some, the idea of lingerie is just too risqué to even talk about. So I hope that paper also shows courage besides answers to questions that have yet to be asked.  
That also happens to be one of the things I'm nervous about as well, when it comes down to asking questions and not getting answers at all. So if answers don't come, I'll be sure to analyze their body language to see if it's just a "because I said so" kind of rule.
I really can't believe that this paper has almost written itself which is really cool because then minor things have to be added to the paper. 

Tatyana Vallejo
02/17/2013 4:51pm

Hi Love! The fact that you are going to be writing about a lingerie store is actually out of the ordinary. And that's awesome! I haven't read too many or even seen any articles written about how the men and women in our society react to such shops. I think because many people are brought up not talking the human body and being open about how we are different is what makes it "awkward". Having people speak and listen openly about how such stores in society are not okay I as well find odd. I mean, its just a store right? All that is different about it is that the items and articles of clothes are usually just for women. They probably do have stores for men, but that is something I have yet to see. In your essay I hope to read about how there are couples or individuals who are comfortable and confident about entering such stores. I personally don't see why a guy cannot enter the store without being looked at weirdly. The guy is going to see how the lingerie is going to look anyways; so might as well let them enter the store normally. Anyways, I can see that you are totally ready to discuss and kick this projects butt! You are going to do amazing as always!! Have a great weekend, hope that you get to see Oscar ;)!


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