I was never really interested in politics until we began Progression 2. This was the first time I had ever watched a debate and found it necessary to continue watching the debates. Watching the very first debate, I felt that it was their foundation of the debates, and would build from their first foundational debate. However, the debates following were a lot of repetition which I believe affected their logos. Repeating what the candidates said over and over again, damaged their logos because they just felt they needed to convince the voters their idea. In my opinion, being convinced and believing are two completely different things. The overall ethos of the debates was the candidates themselves. President Obama is a very credible man whether you like him or not, he is THE man. As for Romney, he may not be President, but he has a title. In the debates Romney speaks of how he led his state and how well he did it, trying to build his ethos, and President Obama mentions how he was fired. With that said, President Obama affected Romney's credibility immensely. I believe the debates were mostly based upon on Ethos and Logos because that is what voters need to see. In the town hall debate, having everyday people ask questions and speak on behalf of themselves, that is where the pathos was illustrated. The candidates can the see that there are no jobs for the people, but when ONE person stands up to speak on how they need a job, or help for their education, the viewers sympathize. The viewers see someone represent their situation and can receive an answer as if it were specifically meant for them. That is pathos because it has to do with one's struggle, and bringing someones struggle and making it known to the world just how hard it is, the viewers can relate and hope for that person. 
I just voted, so may the best candidate win! 

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