My writing process has been easy as long as I take my time with it. What usually works for me is grabbing a couple sheets of paper and just writing everything out on that, then I get on my laptop and just type what I wrote while editing my rough draft as I type. It's always worked for me.
With this second draft, I just threw out my previous draft. I started all over, still sticking to what I wanted to prove, but completely restating everything. I found it much easier to just start all over. After peer editing our zero drafts, I realized what I needed to accomplish as a story, not a definition. The prompt made it really easy to just define what literacy means to us an how it's had an impact in our life, in a story. My essay was just a long definition and so dry. 
My biggest struggle was making it longer. I didn't want to seem like I was saying too much, doing a lot of repeating. So in my final draft, I need to find a more creative way in making my essay longer but not boring. I was much happier with this draft and will be more content with my final draft.
My strongest part of my essay would probably be my paragraph on how I explain education in general and that it's meant for everyone, not just a certain race. Peer editing has been SO helpful, it was a way to discover what I needed in my essay through someone else's eyes. It helped me bring out what I really wanted and needed through a little guidance. 
When I turn in my essay, I hope to accomplish a sense of relief and confidence in my essay. I now know what I have in store for this class and what the professor looks for, so I'll be ready for the next 
9/30/2012 06:53:55 am

I agree with you on having to make our literacy narrative an actual narrative and not a 3 paged definition. It made rewriting my second draft a whole lot easier and I think better than my zero draft.
I really enjoyed reading that paragraph in your narrative also, good job! Haha
And I'm sure you will feel a whole lot of confidence once you turn in that amazing narrative of yours (:

Tatyana Vallejo
9/30/2012 09:45:04 am

Hi Jasmine!
I would first like to say thank you for being so honest and open with the feedback you gave in the class discussion on my literary narrative :). It really helped me; I appreciate it.
I understand that you thought the narrative was a definition of what literacy is; many in the class thought that at first, but as along as you switched from that genre to the narrative style you are fine.
With the problem of trying to increase your essays length, try looking at parts of the essay that seem to be hanging. Or the parts of the narrative that seem to feel a bit bare, and non-descriptive, try thinking of adding things that would fit. You can also try adding a new paragraph of ideas that you wanted to mention but didn't because it did not fit in with the rest of the essay.
I agree that peer editing is helpful, however, the editing performed needs to be done without being so kind. It needs to be done exactly how you had done it in class.
And with what you would like to accomplish, I am sure that you will accomplish your goal knowing the information you know now! :)


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