I actually liked my rhetorical analysis essay. Through peer editing, I understand what changes need to be done. I am proud of my overall paper though. For this progression essay, I took more time writing the essay. It gave me time to review it myself before I turned it in on Thursday. Doing that, I think I did much better than if I would've put it off last minute because this essay required time in order to complete a proper analysis. I really liked this progression, but I think people thought that the movements chosen, represented the group presenting. I noticed that when groups would go up to present those opposed to the movement spoke on their side of the movement. The whole point was to inform, not persuade. So, this progression was kind of controversial, but a great experience. I enjoyed this progression and how invested some groups got. If I had more time with my essay, it probably would've came out the same to be honest. Like I said, I am proud of my overall essay, but now through peer editing, I know what needs to be done and will take that into consideration when I complete my final draft. As for a revision of this essay, I still am not sure. Depending on my grade, I just might. And if I do, I will most definitely not lag on getting to the LRC!  
Tatyana Vallejo
10/29/2012 10:51:42

Hi Jasmin! :)
I have no doubt that you will have a really nicely written essay for this progression. The research done and the information gained from having the powerpoint made putting the essay a lot easier I think. And having had the previous assignments build upon the final essay has made the process more simple than usual. Hopefully we have the last progression work out like this one! However, I really would need a lot more time to make sure the work I do is the best. This progression went quicker than the previous one, so I found writing Progression Two more difficult. But this progression was one where there had been mixed emotions that had been felt about the subjects that were reported on, even though it was not supposed to. It was never meant to evoke any debates... Oh well, I had enjoyed hearing what other people thought about other subjects. Let's hope the next progression is as fun as this one. :)


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