Project space seems really interesting and exciting but I know it will require courage because this project is forcing us to get out of our space, comfort zone, whatever you call your bubble, and entering another zone. I would like to research the fitting rooms. Not only ordinary fitting rooms in department stores but lingerie stores as well. 
This weekend when I was home my mother, sister, and myself went into Hollister and we were scolded about there being more tan one person in the fitting room. Although it was my mom and little sister in there with me. What is the big deal with that? So I'd really like to dive into that and focusing on there being more than one person in any fitting room. 
I will observe who goes into the fitting rooms and how employees act. Does marital status have an influence on whether or not a couple is allowed in a lingerie fitting room? Does race have an influence or the size of a purse?
Findings I believe will vary depending on the store, so I'm eager to find out what is allowed and what isn't. 

Valerie Mok
02/04/2013 8:34pm

Hi Jasmin! It sounds like a good idea to research about fitting rooms. I am surprised at what you encountered. They were being pretty rude, I see no big deal either doing so. It is an interesting topic to work on, good luck with your project!

02/08/2013 9:14pm

I can't believe people had the nerve to do something like that, like hello that's your family- you grew up with them! And this was just at Hollister, I can't wait to hear how people will react when it's at a lingerie store!
I think your topic is really interesting, and I hope you don't get kicked out and banned or something LOL *knocks on wood* Anyway good luck girl (:


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