After learning about the visual and auditory rhetoric and rhetoric in general, I catch myself looking at something, listening to someone and just categorizing them and what they're explaining. I drive around town and look at billboards saying "Ethos. Pathos. Logos."
It just makes me very aware now, I see how one tries to prove their point. Considering I don't really watch TV, I listen a lot to music, and I am usually on my laptop on tumblr or twitter, realizing which rhetoric device they're attempting to portray. 
This is most definitely something useful, especially outside English. I now know how to use certain rhetoric to my advantage, and point them out in my every day life. I do kind of feel like I am a part of this very elite, intellectual club now. I can just think to myself "Hmm, I know what you're trying to do here, getting all pathos on me." 
I really liked learning about these rhetorics this week. I found it very informing and interesting. And this will be super helpful when we do our reflection on the debates explaining the rhetoric used in their answers or "promises". As well as it being useful in our progression 2 exercises (in which I am actually super excited for). Not only do I have a new found knowledge of rhetoric, I have also found out I'm kind of interested in politics. So I can't wait to debrief on the debates. 
See you all soon! :)

Brooks Ribeiro

Jasmin, I have noticed the same exact things that you have noticed with advertisements after our lesson’s on the subject of ethos pathos and logos. You start to see it everywhere. It is definitely undeniable that the art of argument lies within these rhetorical strategies. It could just be my personal opinion, but I feel as if pathos is the strongest. If you can appeal to somebody’s emotions well enough, they seem to ignore all logic and fall for whatever it is you are saying. It is probably the society that we live in being so in touch with their emotions, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


i really hope you aren't looking at the billboards too much while you drive. But it is true, you do want to look at them and decipher them. It is funny to see what they really want you to think but no, we caught them in their act trying to get us into their pathos trap. I've always wanted to look at the debates but lately I've been cringing it though. College is tiring me so.
Off topic, but I noticed some few things. I noticed that you also want to be an elementary teacher (yay!) and you have a boyfriend back home. I don't know why but that just made me all happy and wanting to point that out. :D

Esraa Fadhel

Hi Jasmin, same as you i started to look at things or advertisements differently after our lesson's about the rhetorical appeal. It is very interesting that you know exactly what the person in front of you is trying to say by using those rhetorical strategies. Just want to tell you something, don't constrained on the billboards a lot while you driving because your life is more important.


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