Watching the TED video with speaker, Ken Robinson, speaking on school's killing creativity, I believe he was completely right when he said that schools really only focus on the mind, education only sees that the brain to work with, to develop, to grow. 
He speaks about how children have the capacity of innovation. I know that my younger cousins are way more innovate than I a.m. They have the capacity, the ability to come up with the most incredible games, stories, etc. I say ability as well, because I believe that school strips away our ability to be creative, and express our creativity. Capacity, referring to space in our mind for being creative, is no vacancy. I had my phase where I wanted to be a photographer, painter, sculptress. I then started focusing on how I needed to make sure I was on point with my A-G requirements to not only graduate, but go on to a university as well. When it came down to doing my Visual and Performing Arts credit, those were the classes I struggled the most with. I wasn't good at drama or computer designing. In my core classes, I had straight A's. Give me a math book, Economics and Civics, English, I'll solve your problem, speak politics and money, I'll write you an essay. But I just couldn't grasp those art classes. I wasn't creative enough. My "capacity" was full due to grasping the "important" things I NEEDED for life. 
School teaches us to be right, solve everything correctly, analyze this essay correctly. But Sir Ken Robinson says " If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." Definitely, I hate being wrong, I am the kind of person that needs the right answer, I have to be right. But I can't think of three original ideas of mine. 
He also says " We don't get born into creativity, we grow OUT of creativity." Again, I most definitely agree with him. When I was younger I'd draw and make up a story as I drew my characters and settings, now, having had taken Creative Writing in high school, it was so difficult to write about whatever I wanted, making up a fake animal, drawing a fake animal. I couldn't do it. With a prompt however, I could write pages on what someone else already had to say. 
Because of this video, and realizing how out of touch I am with my creativity, I will take an art class here at CSUN. 

" All children are born artist. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up." 
~ Picasso

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