I can't believe only three weeks left of our first year in college!!!

For this reading, although it was short and we should have read it a few times, I really got a lot from it on the first reading. So hopefully some of you guys saw what I saw too.

From what I got from the reading the professor posted, I think that the argument is that science fiction has given its readers and listeners a wrong idea of the future and that our futures aren't visible, we only have aspirations to what we wish for our futures. What the writer (I think)tries to say about science fiction is that the future is so unclear and not guaranteed in ways we hope they are. The future consists of what we hope it hold for us. So many plan their future out but no one is ever truly prepared for the future and the future does not wait for you because your plans haven't happened yet. To be honest, I don't really know how it relates to the surrogates besides maybe about the future. Surrogates were the future and were made for the future. Like, surrogates tried to beat the future. (I don't think that makes sense, but maybe someone understands). Really hoping someone can relate to what I thought! 
Deanna Nazlikian

Hi love! Hope you're enjoying Hawaii! I can't believe how quickly this semester went by as well! Anyways the reading was a bit confusing when I first read it, but after reading it a few times I began to understand what the meaning was behind it. I really like your take on what this article means! It definitely has to do with us using our imaginations in creating what the future will be like. But it also has to do with us looking to the future rather than the past. You can find answers to things when you look into your past, but you obviously can't when you try to look into the future! It is all about perspective, well that's what I think! I think it relates to The Surrogates in the way that they use their imaginations in this futuristic setting to be something their not. Also it discusses how we make our future, and that the issues we are living with today will possibly continue in our future. This article was really hard to understand but I think I got a hang of it as soon as I started reading into it!


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