My first week of school was great! I really like all of my Professors so far. The most interesting class I have so far is Philosophy 150. The first reading was incredibly interesting and I'm ready for more. My bio. 100 professor seems to be the most interesting professor I have. He is a little old man who has stories and stories about his 35 years of education. I was so happy to come back to this class because I really did miss everyone. Also, it's really cool to have a couple of new faces in the classroom. This second week of school will really show me if I am that happy with my professors ha ha. My goals for this overall semester is a higher GPA and showing more improvement within my writing. 
As Nature Made Him, although it was an interesting story, the book felt really heavy to me, especially the first part, it was too much names and thoughts given. The most interesting part is the whole botched circumcision and how parents might have good intentions, should just let nature take it's course in this case. I'm excited to discuss this in class and do that four corners activity again! 

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