One of my biggest struggles I have with writing, is getting started. I really don't know how to start off anything. Kind of how I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to begin this blog entry. So, introduction's is most definitely something I want to not only improve, but master. I always want to able to know what to say, and how to say it. So if any of you guys have any tips for introduction paragraphs please let me know! Anyway, that's really my main goal this semester, as well as really sticking to the readings, always being prepared with the readings that will be due in class. 
This week, I really enjoyed the reading selections. I thought they were all very intriguing. The David Sedaris one was really funny and was very compatible. I love when an author makes it compatible for the reader to understand and relate to what they write, Though I can't relate to a sharp pencil to the eye, I can relate to strict teachers. 
That's the other thing I need to practice on, being able to stick to one idea and not roam around the essay with different ideas. Remaining consistent, with all my idea(s). So please, if you guys have any tips for writing, feel free to comment with them. 
I am really late with this post but, I just want to talk about how great class was today! I love that we have discussions in there. It's so easy for students to get lost while a professor just lectures all class. With discussions, we are always prepared for what's coming next. I must say, our professor is great!
I am aware that this post is kind of all over the place, again, one of my struggles that I wish to overcome. So hopefully by the end of this semester, introductions and consistency will no longer be something to be afraid or nervous about. 

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