My last weebly reflection post has arrived, I'm sure I'll continue to post because weebly posts have become such a habit now. This progression is so interesting, and somewhat of a challenge. I find it challenging because my the "sides" of what we believe to be right for gender is all opinionated. For instance, my topic for my essay is based off of the article "Defending Camelot: Chivalry is not dead" and who is anyone to say is chivalry is dead or not? Men will say that woman no longer want it, so there is no chivalrous acts. Women will say it's offensive and that it breaks everything women have built and proved to man. However, there are men that faithfully believe chivalry comes with being a gentleman and a good partner. In the world there is also women who expect that of a man because they believe it's an obligated manner men should withhold. With my topic being so broad as to how much chivalry is accepted or how it isn't dead, just no longer wanted; a lot of my resources have come from well known blogs on the internet. My thesis remains incomplete due to the fact that I do not know where it is dead or just no longer wanted. 
Weekly writing has helped me reflect on my writing because I end up finding something out about the way I write each time. Also, the comments are greatly appreciated because it allows me to try new methods of writing as well. I think overall it has been helpful because it's continued to be a learning process and learning from one another has broadened my horizons on how I see things and how I interpret them.  

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