I have to admit, I'm kind of happy to be done with out Literacy narrative. I kind of struggled with this writing assignment.
Maybe it was because I was trying too hard for it to be a great college essay, when I didn't even know where to begin at for such a paper. So it is kind of a relief for this one to be over. I now have a sense of what this class is like because of this essay, so I know what I have to do for my writing process, and what works best. 
For the next essay, I will be more aware of my time, no good thing comes from being rushed (well for me at least). I will use the peer editing questions, and ask myself that as I write my drafts, always making sure that I did the most I can do with my first drafts. 
My process did work for me, completely trashing my paper and starting over really helped me accomplish what I really wanted for my paper. 
In my pre-writing, I did outlines and hand wrote everything before typing anything at all. That's always helped me so that's something I will continue to do. Like I said, for my next progression I will write more of my own hand written drafts, as well as having time to do so. 
I am really excited for this progression, and proud to know that my peers intend on finally  
10/9/2012 10:14:12 am

Same here, I really tried to make this first essay my best and spent so long on this essay. My first draft i wrote was very short, and wasn't intriguing at all. After peer reviewing i decided to rewrite my whole essay. I started of new and feel confident about my final draft.I got a C average on the essay, i didn't sweat it though because now i know where i need to improve on. Me too, when I'm rushed i don't do my best. I guess you could say that's why my first essay was bad. Hopefully this next essay we all improve and this time hopefully someone get an A.

Deanna Nazlikian
10/9/2012 10:39:39 am

I felt the exact same way with this essay! I was so nervous while writing the essay, and about the feedback as well. I threw away my first draft as well, it actually helped me write a better essay. Don't worry about the next essay, now you know what to expect and how to write a great essay. Now that you know your mistakes in the previous essay, you can work on it and make it better! I think you will have more fun with this progression, just like I will!


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