Sorry my post is late everyone (Not that many must have noticed) but wifi trouble.

However, the movie! I found it incredibly interesting. Seeing it all is more powerful than reading it. Reading about it I feel like "Oh wow, that's bad" with empathy. But, watching the movie, I felt terrible and in shock; as if I saw a ghost from a scary story. After reading and watching Food Inc. it has helped narrow my topic drastically. I really find it interesting how fruit that isn't is season is always in season at whatever store you shop it. Also, how fruit that isn't ready (ripe) is picked too early and shipped over to our stores. All of the produce interests me a ton and is something I personally would like to learn about which should make my paper come together easier. 
As far as my vegetarian update; I've failed twice. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I can find some better alternatives. So far it's looking like I'm only a vegetarian when I'm not eating and when I'm sleeping. 
See you all in class this Tuesday! 

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