When writing, I always considered the obvious, introduction, body, and conclusion.

My introduction always being my biggest struggle. The body of my essays are much simpler. It’s so easy to talk about something, and express all of it rather than a sneak preview, which I feel the introduction to be. It’s much easier to tell someone how good of a movie is, telling them the whole movie, rather than having to convince someone it’s a good movie through few words. Conclusion’s can be simple as well, and repetitive. I tend to get confused with my conclusion because I have no idea whether or not it was a good idea to restate what I wrote in my introduction. 

But in class when we learned about the “GAP” formula, genre, audience, purpose, it kind of made my writing process a whole lot easier. The genre is the whole thing, what category it goes under, my audience and addressing my audience can be the introduction, and finally my purpose is the body. It makes sense to me, which makes it easier to stick to my brain for my future writing. 

The writing formula was definitely what clicked the most this week. It was a nice clarification as to what our writing should always consist of, not only in our English class, but every class. 

Rajonae Williams

Hey Jasmin,
I can totally agree with you about the G.A.P. formula. I think it was a great idea of Professor Lawrence to introduce it to us. Hopefully the formula improves my writings, especially with it being a new way to write, I hope I don't go back to the old way of how I use to look at writing a paper. This was what also clicked for me along with "The New Literacy".


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