In recent discussions of Sarah Palin's cookie party in Bucks County, PA, a controversial issue has been whether sugar snacks like cookies are acceptable in the classroom. On the one hand, some argue that sweets like cookies are okay in the classroom because it is a simple reward, a sweet treat for the students. On the other hand, however, others argue that Obama is the reason as to why Sarah Palin had reason to bring in cookies which metaphorically translates to the happiness that Obama is taking away in the "nanny states". In the words of Sarah Palin, she believes that Obama is "snatching cookies- i.e, the pursuit of happiness-from the mouths of babes." According to this view, Obama is taking away everything from everyone, the sweets and the sweetness of people's life. In sum, then, the issue is whether Sarah Palin's cookie treat or Obama's thoughts against it is too harsh or reasonable. My own view is that cookies are okay in the classroom, they do serve as a small treat for every once in a while. Though I concede that Obama has reason to shy away from sweets in the class because sweets as treats can become habit and no longer something to want to be rewarded with. Although some might object that Obama is wrong, I would reply that there is reason to fear obesity in a world where it has become so common. 
3/26/2013 09:09:16 am

Jasmin, I do agree with you that children deserve a small sweet treat for their outstanding work. However, the children's can be a concern. I would say there are better replacements for cookies that can be rewarded. For example, maybe oatmeal cookies would be appropriate since they still that cookie treat, but it is more healthy. Or perhaps even apples with peanut butter, or something along those terms. I do completely agree with you that more healthy foods should be given to children rather then hamburgers, fries, cookies and other fating foods


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