Hey guys! I was born in the valley, and lived in the valley for 4 years before I moved to the Antelope Valley. Growing up, I spent every weekend at my grandma's house here in the valley (Arleta) and always wanted to come back to live here, and go to school. Many people believe that CSUN is such an easy place to get accepted to, that this school is "convenient". For a little bit, I thought they were right because so many people from my school was going to attend CSUN. I finally realized that, it really didn't matter to me. I always wanted to attend CSUN to be a teacher, ever since I was in the second grade, many people say, "Really, CSUN?" as if it was so cliche, or stereotypical for a hispanic girl to attend a school in the valley. I ignored what I was told, because to me, furthering my education is not cliche, or stereotypical, it's right for me. My first week at school showed me how incredibly wrong everyone was. CSUN is one of the most beautiful, diverse, campus I have ever seen. Honestly, everything there is so beautiful to me. My classes are great, everything is great; life just feels great. 
As for my living status, I live in the valley with my grandparents, and (ideally) come home almost every weekend. I happen to be very close to my parents and younger sister, so it was hard just one week without them. Luckily, FaceTime has been our best friend and allow us to keep each other updated. I kind of wish I lived in the dorms just to experience what college is really like, with having such easy access to the campus all the time. 
I am looking for a job and a car so that way I don't have to depend on people for rides or anything like that. So I am currently applying everywhere with my fingers crossed tight in hopes of landing a job and a car soon. 
So, this is pretty much what's been up with my life lately. I'm definitely happy with everything, and look forward to making some more friends. 
See you guys in class Tuesday! :)

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