My space I have chosen is Lingerie fitting rooms. This space is interesting to me because it really upsets me when I go to a fitting room and can't bring my mom or sister in the room with me. So, I wanted to go deeper into this question I had as to why this wasn't okay. Speaking to my mom about this question, I found myself having a lot more arguments than I thought, which should help me get down to an answer and hopefully not a "because I said so".
I will analyze this critically by noting how many men enter the store, how close they get to the fitting rooms, and if marital status affects whether or not it's acceptable for a couple to share a fitting room. With that, I will go to the store with my parents and my boyfriend to see how my parents are treated and how I am treated. (Hoping my dad doesn't flipping the F*** out!). 
Maybe answers will be different depending on the store and their reputations. Victoria's Secret is known for being more sophisticated and classy rather than Frederick's of Hollywood where their attire is much more risqué than Victoria's Secret. For example, Frederick's sells edible underwear where Victoria's Secret doesn't provide such exotic attire. So I hope I do find different answers to provide and present. 

02/12/2013 5:34pm

you can't bring your mom or sister in the fitting room? oh my goodness. but i really like your topic. when i've gone to the fitting rooms in Victoria's Secret i see girls with their boyfriends/husband waiting to get the room but the guy never goes inside! like why wouldn't they be allowed to go in? hope your dad doesn't flip lol. good luck :)


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